Boost your home’s value with a deck

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Adding a deck to your home can increase its value, but the amount of value added can vary based on a few factors. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Location: The location of your home is a crucial factor that can impact the value added by a deck. Homes in areas with mild climates or with high demand for outdoor living spaces typically see more significant value increases.
  2. Size and design: The size and design of your deck can also impact its value. A well-designed and spacious deck that complements the style of your home and fits seamlessly with the backyard can add significant value.
  3. Materials: The materials used in constructing the deck can also impact its value. High-quality materials such as composite decking or exotic woods can add more value than standard pressure-treated lumber.
  4. Maintenance: A well-maintained deck can retain its value and add more value to your home. Regular cleaning, staining, and sealing of the deck can help maintain its appearance and extend its lifespan.  For low-maintenance decking & railing products – just a simple wash keeps is all that is needed

By talking to an experienced deck builder, he or she will be to design a deck that goes with your house, neighboorhood, and outdoor living needs based on the project size, products used, and budget which would be best for each situation.  Usually a 3D deck design drawing of the proposed project would be produced so the you can see the well-designed outdoor space.  Multiple products would also be physically seen at your home with samples so you can see the actual colors and how they react to your existing outdoor exterior walls, landscaping, furniture, etc.  By having a well-designed deck or outdoor space with the correct sizes and products – you will get the most bang for your buck for a increaseing your house’s value as well as having your house on the market for a specific amount of time when it’s time to sell.

Overall, a well-designed and well-maintained deck may increase the value of your home by up to 75% of the cost of the deck. However, it’s essential to consider the local real estate market and the preferences of potential buyers in your area before investing in a deck for your home for resale value.