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Deck Lighting for Beauty and Safety

One who has a great deck does not just enjoy it in the daytime, but a beautiful Iowa evening is “even better”.  During a moonlit night, you can enhance the beauty and safety of your deck with the right kind of lighting. As a result of well placed, low voltage LED lighting systems, you and your guests will have enough illumination to move around safely without interfering with the enjoyment of the evening.

Lighting Designs

When designing your deck, we can suggest a deck lighting plan that satisfies the homeowner and also the neighbors.  Today’s low voltage LED lighting systems are very inexpensive to operate and the cooler bulb temperatures will not attract as many bugs.  Most deck lighting can be placed on the deck railing posts and the stair risers.  For our covered decks, we use recessed ceiling lights that are on a dimmer switch so you can adjust to the perfect amount of light.

A well-designed deck deserves good lighting for the finishing touch.

Transform your outdoor space with our stunning deck lighting options. From subtle accent lights to bold statement pieces, our gallery showcases the perfect lighting solutions to enhance the beauty and functionality of your deck.

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