Upgraded Beam Treated Gluelam Flush Deck Beam

Our Higher Standards

All we do are decks, and because of that – we have to be the best.  To be the best, we pursue higher standards in the full deck construction and design.  We ONLY build with High Quality Products that we know and trust.  With those products, we get trained and certified.   The framing is the foundation of the complete project – and we build larger than needs to be and surpasses the building codes for a stronger and better deck project.  All composite decking is installed with Steel Hidden Deck Fastening Systems.  Steel deck fasteners cost a bit more, but are stronger with our Iowa climate of composite expansion.  We do research for the new fasteners and products so we will be using new stronger fasteners then someone who doesn’t just specialize in the deck world.

Deck Upgrades and Add Ons

There are many upgrades available for any construction project.  Check out the list and details below for some options to make your next deck project – custom tailored to You.

Other options are on these other Pages:  Deck Lighting, Covered Deck Roofs, Pergola & Trellis, Under-deck Dry Drainage Systems, Landscaping

Deck Footings

We use the buried post footing method for our standard footing type.  This method involves pouring concrete at the bottom of the hole, adding the 6×6 post, then adding more concrete around the base.  The treated 6×6 is “Ground Rated” which contains a higher concentration of preservative chemicals than normal wood and will offer increased protection from decay while buried in the soil.  This is the same treatment as a wood used for a retaining wall.  The buried post method provides additional lateral (side to side) support to the post to resist wind loads.  Also is a great method if  you are wanting a concrete slab or stone patio under your deck.

Standard Footing Buried Footing

Deck Footings – Helical Piers (Upgrade)

TechnoPosts are a great upgrade for your deck foundation.  Helical piers are not new to the construction industry.  Helical piers are basically large screws driven into the ground and used for replacing concrete piers in the ground.  They are installed and engineered by the amount of torque that’s required to spin them into the ground.  It will create a solid footing every time.  These piers are typically used as footings when traditional concrete footings are not practical due too the following reasons:  Poor Soil Condition, Wet Locations, Very Clay Ground.  It’s also  a great option that means less mess for a new deck due to no excavating required to install.  Any contractor that is going to install helical piers in Central Iowa is going to use the same Installer who is TechnoPost of Central Iowa.

Helical Pier Upgraded Footing

Framing High Standards

The deck’s frame is it’s skeleton.  The frame not only provides the structure and shape of the deck, but also affects the quality and connections of the decking (floor), railing, and stairs.  The framing also has to be engineered spans for weight load for against the house’s rim joist because half the weight is held up by the home.  With so much riding on the quality of the framing, it is critical that we take quality into assurance.  In general, building inspectors look for code compliance, but not necessarily for construction quality.  It is up to us to make sure the quality meets our high standards.

We purchase most of our building materials from our local Lumberyards (Gilcrest Jewett & Beisser Lumber).  We try not to purchase from the box stores such as Menards, Home Depot, or Lowes due to the quality is not as high as a specialty lumber yard.  With our contractor discount, the price is a bit higher for better quality material – but not too much more expensive due to our relationship with the lumberyards.

With our complex to simple framing – our quality lumber is always expected

Deck Framing Angled Deck Framing a Deck Ramp Framing

Joist Tape (Upgrade)

Your deck is only as good as it’s substructure.  Many new composite deck boards is designed to last a very long time, with warranties of 25 years to 50 years depending on your composite brand.  The main structure on average is made of Treated Wood which doesn’t last forever.  Water that penetrates the substructure through screw holes can eventually lead to rot and decay.  Joist tapes not only protect your wood substructure, they protect your investment in your new deck.

What is Joist Tape?  Joist tape is an affordable way to protect your deck substructure. Peel-and-stick flashing tape allows the wood to breathe because it is applied as a cap directly on top of joists and beams. The tape protects screw holes from moisture by acting as a barrier. Joist tape will protect your substructure from decay to guarantee your foundation lasts as long as your deck.  This tape is self-healing, so it seals around the fasteners that are used to install the decking surface.

Ask us about the Joist Tape Upgrade to protect your framing.  It does cost a bit more for material (for the tape) and a little bit for labor, but will prolong the life of your new deck.

Hide the Screws

Hidden Fasteners (Steel)

All of our Composite Decking (Timbertech, Trex, Azek) installation we use upgraded Stainless Steel hidden deck fastening systems recommended per manufacturer.  Timbertech CONCEALoc Fastening System & TigerClaw for Trex from FastenMaster.  Both of these clips provide a long-lasting-free fastener-free surface with this Stainless Steel clip that you won’t notice between boards.

The composite brands we use (Timbertech, Azek, Trex)  recommends either the Steel or Plastic (Nylon) Fasteners.  We think both fasteners are a great option for a hidden deck fastening system.  The Plastic fastener will make sense for the homeowner to install on their own deck whom are on a tighter budget and do not have the specialty guns (tools).  Since we build decks every day, we do the Stainless Steel clips due to they are more contractor friendly where there is normally a higher quality to uphold.  The Steel Fasteners do cost more than the plastic ones, but we had over 10 years of fantastic luck with Steel Fasteners holding the decking on the framing with our Iowa Weather from Freezing to Hot Temperatures.  Composite Decking expands and contrasts with the temperatures and the clips create a gap for the expansion and also for drainage between each deck board.

Color Matching Screws are used in areas where clips cannot be used such as on stairs and around the perimeter of the decking.  You can upgrade to Cortex Plugs to mostly hide the other screws in most composite deck boards.  Cortex is an up-charge due to material cost and a little bit more labor.  The fascia will have color matching Fascia screws (recommended from the manufacturers).