Covered Deck Cedar Ceiling Screen Room Review

Likely To Recommend Review
  Strongly agree – In the beginning, when we’re starting, Aaron never tried to upsell me. He talked to me about options. He brought his expertise and expectations to the table. He was open about it. Chad was really good to work with, along with the crew. It was nice to have them around, and I could stop by anytime They communicated when things would come up, and when they would be doing them. The quality and the overall look, are fantastic.
Areas Of Satisfaction
The deck itself is great. I love it! It made me feel glad that I did it. It was done right, and it looks good. It will be nice to enjoy for the time to come.
Recognized Excellence
Aaron and Chad did a good job. Chad was good to work with. He was always good to talk to me about my questions and set my expectations. They were good about keeping our dogs in the gates.