What is a Deck Resurface

Resurface or Replace?

Your existing deck could be a safety hazard, or the framing could be in great shape and all it needs is a new surface.  Do you scrap the whole deck and start again, or is there another option?

The option to resurface a deck is a great way to have the total make-over deck experience, but without the stress and expense of a major renovation.  A deck resurface still gives you a whole new deck, but it uses the existing deck framing.  Before going this route, we will professionally check out your existing framing and compare to how it was built and verify with today’s codes.  We will also check out the condition of the physical wood framing, fasteners, and how it’s currently connected to the house.  If the framing passes inspection and you like the layout of the existing deck – a deck resurface may be a great option for your deck project!!

Restore your Existing Deck with Upgraded and New Products

Resurfacing your existing deck is a great way to update the exterior of your home, even if you don’t have the budget for a total renovation.  You could possibly save thousands of dollars in deck framing costs by just resurfacing.  This allows you the option to replace the decking and railing with the same material you originally had, or even upgrade to a low-maintenance or upgraded decking such as Timbertech or Trex PVC Composite decking.

Maybe the floor is still in great condition, but the railing is having issues.  Now would also be a great time to upgrade your deck railing.  You can even add deck lighting and other custom accessories that you would now want on the deck.

Deck Resurface Process

  1. Check Structure
    1. Check out the Framing Structure for Today’s Codes.  We will check out the existing condition of your existing deck to verify if it is feasible for a deck resurface project. The structural items we will verify are the following:
      1. Deck Posts (6×6’s for today’s building codes)
      2. House to Deck Connection (Deck Flashing, Lags Screws or LedgeLOK fasteners, No Siding between Deck’s Rim Joists and House Rim Joists)
      3. Joists Framing (verify span charts with Today’s Codes for correct Joists Sizes, all Metal Fasteners – Joist Hangers, Hurricane Clips, Condition of the Wood Joists)
  2. Tear Off
    1. We will remove existing stairs and railing. Then we will remove the existing decking (floorboards) off the existing joists.  We will keep the existing joists (framing) that are in good condition.
  3. Replace Needed
    1. Once we remove the deck boards and we notice any bad joists boards, we will replace the needed areas and add any additional fasteners if needed
  4. Install New
    1. After the framing is up to today’s codes and the condition of the wood framing is to our specs, we will install new decking on top of the existing wood framing. Then we will build new stairs and install new railing
    2. To finish, we will install any Extra Upgrades (Lights, Etc.) to complete the project.
  5. Enjoy
    1. That’s it – Now Enjoy
    2. Average construction time is a few days. A Deck Resurface is a Cost-Effective deck upgrade to get a Newish Deck without the complete remodel which is also easier on the yard and landscaping.