Phantom Motorized Screen on Covered Deck

This project worked out great for this deck. The homeowner has seen the Phantom Motorized Screens on another deck we did in the past. She enjoys the covered deck  for relaxation, socialization, and even works on the computer on nice days. But wanted to have screens for the bug aspect. We then then had some electrical outlets installed in the ceiling, did some trim work along with the railing work to have room for the screens. Then we had the Phantom screens install. They have 2 different screens with different shade. The West screen of the deck has a thicker screen for sun shade while the North screen has a more open screen to keep the view to the outside pond. One remote controls both screens separately. This deck will have plenty of use and will be much more comfortable from now on. The screen cover in the ceiling was matched to about the same color of the ceiling so everything looks like it’s always been there.


Proudly Built by Deck and Drive Solutions Waukee, IA.

  • Project Type: Motorized Screen on Covered Deck
  • Materials Used: Phantom Motorized Screen
  • Location: Waukee, Iowa
  • Project Year: 2017