Project Overview:
We crafted a sophisticated and inviting outdoor space by building a new Timbertech composite deck complemented by a custom-designed covered roof. This project seamlessly blends durability, elegance, and unique architectural details, creating a perfect setting for outdoor enjoyment.

Timbertech Composite Decking:
The deck features Timbertech Reserve Series decking in the rich, warm shade of Dark Roast. Known for its exceptional durability and low maintenance, Timbertech composite decking ensures a beautiful, long-lasting surface that can withstand the elements.

Westbury Railing:
To enhance safety and aesthetics, we installed Westbury railing. This sleek and modern railing system perfectly complements the Dark Roast decking, adding a touch of sophistication and ensuring unobstructed views.

Custom Roof with Open Gable:
The covered deck was stick-framed with an open gable design, providing both shelter and an airy, open feel. This architectural choice enhances the overall appeal of the space, making it a focal point for outdoor living.

Decorative Beams:
One of the standout features of this project is the decorative beams on the exterior of the roof. These beams add a touch of rustic charm and visual interest, making the roof a striking element of the design.

Cedar Ceiling:
The interior of the roof boasts a beautiful cedar ceiling. Known for its natural beauty and durability, cedar adds warmth and a luxurious feel to the covered deck area. A decorative beam on top of the ceiling further enhances the aesthetic appeal, tying together the rustic and elegant elements of the design.

Final Touches:
This project showcases the harmonious blend of Timbertech’s high-quality decking, Westbury’s sleek railing, and custom architectural features. The combination of the Dark Roast decking, open gable roof, decorative beams, and cedar ceiling creates an inviting, stylish, and functional outdoor space perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

  • Project Type New Deck, New Roof, Cedar Ceiling
  • Materials Used: Timbertech Capped Composite Decking (Reserve Series – Dark Roast), Westbury Full Aluminum Railing (Tuscany Series – Black), Gable Roof, Cedar Ceiling
  • Location: Ankeny, IA
  • Project Year: 2024