Step into a world where decks don’t just exist; they enchant. Our journey began by bidding farewell to a mundane builder’s deck, making way for something extraordinary, something that would redefine outdoor living with a new deck and roof combo, then along with a patio.

**Timbertech Legacy Ashwood Decking:** Picture a deck that captures the essence of the wild, mimicking the beauty of natural wood while being impervious to time’s wear. This is the Timbertech Legacy Ashwood decking, our star material, promising not just durability but an invitation to embrace the great outdoors in style.

**Open Gable Roof:** Our quest for the extraordinary led us to construct a covered gable roof over the deck. But this isn’t just any roof; it’s a portal to the sky, a frame for the clouds, allowing you to sip your morning coffee under the open heavens while staying protected from the elements. It’s like living in a painting where nature is your muse.

**Cedar Ceiling:** To infuse warmth and character, we adorned the heart of this space with a cedar ceiling. The natural wood canopy whispers stories of ancient forests and the secrets they hold. It’s more than just a ceiling; it’s an embrace from Mother Nature herself.

**Seamless Patio Integration:** And as our story unfolds, we unveil the seamless integration of a new patio, where the stairs waltz down to meet the earth. This is a place where boundaries blur, where deck and patio become one, and where you can transition effortlessly from cozy gatherings to endless starry nights.

This is not just a project; it’s a fairy tale come to life, where decks enchant, roofs open up to the sky, and cedar whispers stories. If you’re dreaming of an outdoor oasis that redefines what it means to be enchanted by the great outdoors, explore our portfolio, and let’s craft your own tale of outdoor magic.

Stay tuned for more tales of transformation, and thank you for considering us to bring your dreams to life.

  • Project Type: New Deck and Roof
  • Materials Use: Timbertch Capped Composite Decking (Legacy Series – Ashwood), Westbury Full Aluminum Railing (Tuscany Series – Black), Gable Roof Framing with Open Gable, Cedar Carsiding Ceiling
  • Location: Grimes, IA
  • Project Year: 2023