Prepare to be captivated by our this deck project, a testament to both transformation and innovation. We began by demolishing a standard builder-size deck and replaced it with a larger, composite deck that offers elegance and space for homeowners to truly enjoy the outdoors.

**Timbertech Reserve Series – Antique Leather Decking:** The main color of this deck is the luxurious Timbertech Reserve Series – Antique Leather. This premium composite material not only exudes the warmth of natural wood but also ensures durability and low-maintenance, guaranteeing years of beauty.

**Dark Roast Accent Picture Frame:** To elevate the aesthetics and add a touch of drama, we accented the deck with the Timbertech Reserve Series – Dark Roast as a picture frame. This design choice creates a stunning visual contrast and defines the boundaries of the deck.

**Seamless Stairs to Patio:** One of the highlights of this project is the seamless integration of the stairs, which gracefully land on the existing patio. This thoughtful design allows for a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor living spaces while maximizing functionality.

The result is a significantly larger deck that not only enhances the home’s aesthetics but also provides ample space for relaxation, entertainment, and making cherished memories. This project showcases our commitment to creating outdoor spaces that balance elegance, durability, and practicality, all while pushing the boundaries of design possibilities.

  • Project Type: New Deck
  • Materials Use: Timbertech PVC Capped Composite Decking (Reserve – Main: Antique Leather and Accent: Dark Roast), Westbury Full Aluminum Railing (Tuscany Series - Black)
  • Location: West Des Moines, Iowa
  • Project Year: 2023