Project Overview:
We undertook a comprehensive renovation project to transform the homeowner’s outdoor spaces by tearing off the old deck and constructing a new, elegant Trex deck on the house and a custom Trex deck around their above-ground pool. We also updated their front porch with matching Westbury columns and railing.

Trex Decking:
The centerpiece of this project is the new Trex deck, known for its durability, low maintenance, and beautiful appearance. Trex composite decking provides a sustainable and long-lasting solution, ensuring the deck remains stunning and functional for years to come. The Trex decking was from the Lineal Series and the color was Carmel. Joist tape was installed on all for longetivity.

Westbury Railing:
To enhance the deck’s safety and aesthetic appeal, we installed sleek Westbury railing. This modern, sturdy railing system not only complements the Trex decking but also provides a cohesive look that ties the entire outdoor space together. The pool deck also comes with a matching Westbury Gate for safety.

Pool Deck:
Understanding the homeowners’ need for a versatile outdoor area, we built the pool deck partially around their above-ground pool. This integration creates a seamless transition between the pool and the deck, offering a convenient and attractive space for relaxation and entertainment.

Front Porch Upgrade:
To maintain a consistent and stylish appearance throughout the property, we replaced the front porch columns and railing with new Westbury DSI columns and Westbury Tuscany railing. This upgrade not only modernizes the front porch but also ensures that the design elements match those of the new deck in the backyard.

Final Touches:
This project exemplifies a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. By using high-quality materials like Trex decking and Westbury railing, we created an outdoor space that is both beautiful and practical. The custom features around the pool and the front porch upgrade further enhance the home’s overall charm and usability.

  • Project Type New Deck, New Pool Deck, Update Front Porch
  • Materials Used: Trex PVC Capped Composite Decking (Lineal Series – Carmel), Westbury Full Aluminum Railing (Tuscany Series – Black), Westbury Gate, Joist Tape, Aluminum Front Columns
  • Location: West Des Moines, IA
  • Project Year: 2024