5 Ways to get the Most out of Summer on your Own Deck

Below are some simple things you can easily do to your outdoor deck this Summer that will be fun and create a better space for you and your family/friends to enjoy your existing deck this Summer!!
1.  Shade – Shade will increase the amount of time you and your family will spend on your deck. It can be as simple as buying a large umbrella or as complex as building a roof or pergola.

2.  Lighting – Deck lighting will create a nice ambiance for relaxing moments on your deck in the evening and night time, but will also add for safety. Solar lighting is the easier and cheaper option, but it can be a bigger hassle over the long time.  Low-Voltage lighting can be installed on most existing decks with a little extra work.

3.  Gate – by adding a gate to your existing railing above the stairs will create a safe area for your kids to play outside on the safety of the deck or your animals to stay out in the yard.

4.  Utilize under the Deck – Under your deck may be your current unused space. If the deck is tall far enough off the ground, it can be used for storage.  If your deck is a walkout, you can add patio below for another living area.  Also, an Under Deck Dry Drainage System can be installed so you can enjoy even with the rain.

5.  Furniture and Knickknacks – Treat your deck as another room of the house.  Add new furniture with pillows, or even decorations can be added to make your deck feel more comforting for a more attractive place to hang out.