Timbertech Certified – Quality Products

Timbertech Certification in Bronze 2014

Deck & Drive Solutions is certified by Timbertech Decking and Railing.  We have built many composite and low-maintenance decks and railings throughout the years and my personal favorite low maintenance decking choices are Timbertech and Gossen.  I am also a big researcher to find the best products to use on our projects.  We work closely with Gilcrest Jewett in Waukee so we also know about material news before many.  There are many different kinds of materials out there for decking, but I have my own expectations that I require before I trust a product.  The materials that we put on our projects, I personally have done research and physically installed it in the past, so I can test the products out.  I also check to see what new items are out there for fasteners or anything else to make a deck safer and/or to have a deck last longer.  For the framing part of the deck projects, on average, we build above and beyond the building codes.  It is nice that many of the building inspectors know who we are around the Des Moines Metro Area so we are able to get quick information when needed.

We stand on our craftsmanship for the construction of each project, as well as we work with only the materials that I am comfortable with.

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