Yearly Deck Maintenance Tips

Yearly Deck Maintenance Tips

Mid / Late Spring – Wash the Deck

Besides the deck looking dirty, one of the sure signs a deck needs a cleaning is a film of mold.  Left unchecked, the mold and dirt can trap moisture and start the rotting process.

Late Spring – Seal the Deck

The finish of your deck may be fading or chipping away.  This is natural because it is bare wood with a surface that sees the brunt of the harsh weather (Snow, Ice, Rain, Sun).  If your sealer or stain is obviously disappearing, now is a good time to wash and reseal your deck.

Mid Summer – Inspect and Repair your Deck

With the weather warm and dry, now is the perfect time to check for rotting.  Pay close attention to wood that is about 6 inches off the ground, close to your house or ground, and at the edges of the deck boards.

Areas of rot that are smaller than a silver dollar can be removed and then treated with a wood preservative, larger areas may need to have some wood replaced.

Early Fall – Preventive Measures

Now is the time to get tasks done that did not get done during the year.  Check the fasteners (Nails popping out), Wash and Seal your deck if it wasn’t completed and need to be done, and also check for rotting and loose boards.