Winter Building FAQ

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Winter deck construction, snow on fresh pile of construction lumber, wood on sawhorses, building in snow
  1. Can you build a deck in the Winter? (Winter Building)

    Houses are built all year long, including the decks on new homes. We build all year including the Winter.  Building a deck in the Winter is somewhat easier for the post footings because the frozen ground is less yard tear up with the machinery, compared to Spring mud.

  2. What about the Frozen Ground?

    The ground doesn’t get cold enough for long enough to freeze to deep in the ground. Here in Central Iowa our footings need to be 42 inches in the ground.  I would say the frost in the ground on average is about 12-20 inches throughout our Winter.  More Snow = Less Frost because it insulates the ground.  After the frost, the ground is normal temperature and that is where the new concrete is located – under the frost line.

  3. Will the Cement Freeze?

    The holes are a lot warmer under the frost line. We may have to sometimes wait an extra day to put the posts in depending on outside temperatures, but we have never had a problem.  Also the city inspector has strict rules on when to pour which we do follow.

  4. What happens if it’s snowing out?

    If it’s a blizzard, regular snow, or to cold to work – we just wait. Iowa doesn’t stay too cold for to long on average.  If it’s too cold in the morning, we may start later in the morning.  The building process may take a bit longer in the winter, but there is no extra costs to the customer and we will not sacrifice quality.

  5. Why should be build a deck in the Winter?

    I would say the main reasons to build in the Winter is No Spring Schedule Waiting and Saving Money with a Winter Discount for Materials and Labor. You can still get a professional quality deck with a lower cost and less waiting!!