5 Reasons to Build a Deck in the Winter

Checking footing holes below the frozen ground on a winter snowy day

1. Save Money with a Discount.

The #1 reason to build during the slow time in the winter is a Price Discount which can save a lot of money!! This benefits not only the customer by providing a discount off premium products and top-quality labor which aren’t normally discounted, but also keeps our talented carpenters working all year long. Our talented carpenters value being with an established company and staying working with us for many solid years.

2. Enjoy your Deck when Spring Arrives.

The customer that waits until spring to contact us are usually getting their decks built towards the end of Spring to Early Summer since our schedule is getting booked out in advance. Winter projects would be able to be completed before Spring so they can enjoy them at the beginning of the Warm Months.

3. Schedule the Start of Projects Faster

Start quicker from the Deck Design Phase to the Building Phase. Spring through Fall are the busiest times for a good quality and professional contractor, with Spring being the busiest. It generally takes longer to get on the schedule because contractors usually have a longer waiting list during the busy time of Spring to Summer. Instead of waiting 8 weeks to start your project, you may only have to wait 4 weeks to have your new deck completed.

4. Less Lumber Movement.

Whether your decking is composite or wood, your deck framing is made of pressure treated wood. In the Winter because of the less humidity, the wood will be able to dry and stabilize more consistently which means less movement of the wood for the deck framing. Building in winter also increases your chances of being able to stain earlier in the year.

5. Better for Digging.

Frozen ground or snow won’t stop a professional deck builder from progressing on your deck. The cold may help the digging process for the footings. Working on hard ground instead of mud in Spring, can greatly help your decks foundation. There should also be less damage to the grass and other landscaping around the deck footings due to machinery.