What is a Truly Qualified Custom Deck Builder vs a Deck Contractor

Quality Control equals the Best Quality

A truly qualified custom deck builder specializes Only in Deck Building and Exterior Outdoor Spaces.  We often have more knowledge about deck and exterior trends and homeowner livability for uses and design.  We will combine multiple considerations for the design and material selections such as family size, ages, and activities as well as the type and scale of entertaining that you do and hope to do in the future.  The average remodeler may not have the experience or the understanding of today’s best material and design options to go beyond the basics such as decking & railing options, as well as updated stronger framing with new fasteners and board strengths along with current building codes per city.  A true custom deck builder is well knowledge in a much more broader design possibilities such as pergolas, covers, under deck systems, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, privacy options, and more.

An experienced custom deck builder will immediately access any township or city government rules that may limit or dictate size and orientation regarding a deck on a particular property.  We will also know what each city will expect and have a relationship with the inspectors, so the homeowner can get a deck built with a decrease of surprises during the designing and building process.

Most contractors should have insurance for each specialized trade they work on, it is best to have the insurance have a special trade noted for the safety and confidence of the homeowner as well as the contractor.  Any contractor and business can be on the Better Business Bureau, but should have good rating.

A true custom deck builder will have relationships with the decking material products as well as be on a first name bases with the material reps.  Example Timbertech, Trex, and few others.  If their business name is directly written on the material’s website, they have been qualified by the product company to install their products at the product recommendations of installation.  A leading custom deck builder will be able to show an intensive and ongoing training protocol between their company and the composite manufacturer of record.  This includes extensive hands-on use and understanding of the technology necessary to create the finished custom deck design.

Material suppliers are a huge deal with a True Custom Deck Builder.  We will have our own lumber person rep from a local reputable company who works with us directly, so they know how we build, what materials we like to use, and how we like to have it ordered/delivered.  There is a difference in buying products from a lumberyard (Gilcrest Jewett, Beisser Lumber, etc.) then a box store (Menards, Lowes, Home Depot).  The relationships will allow pricing deals, but more importantly it’s the quality of the material and the delivery of special order items.